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New Wash Tech Online Website

Our old website served us well but over the last 12 months we’ve been listening to customer feedback and used it create this brand spanking new website crammed full of features that to help our customer find what they’re looking for more quickly and efficiently than before.

The new site is bigger, cleaner and easier to use.

Mobile friendly

We had noticed an increasing shift in browsing behaviour of our customers with more and more of you viewing the site from a mobile phone or tablet. The old site, whilst accessible from mobiles, was difficult to operate on small screens and wasn’t optimised for touch. Our new site is designed to be responsive in order to provide tailored shopping experience for any type of device.


Product Filters

You can now filter our range of appliances based on your personal requirements. For example you can choose to just see built in 8kg 1600rpm Bosch washing machines within a specified price range.


Compare Products

If you’re having trouble deciding which appliance to buy you can use our ‘compare product’ tool. Using this feature allows you to view the specifications of each machine side by side before making your choice.


Loyalty Points

Great service and great value are two incentives that keep people coming back to Wash Tech again and again, but now there’s another reason. Our loyalty point system offers double reward points on all appliance purchases as well as extra points for choosing service search as fitting or recycling.

We give you 2 points for every pound spent on the Wash Tech website!


One page checkout

Our old site required you to visit five pages before the checkout process was completed. On our new site the whole process takes place on one page and it only takes a jiffy!



Your feedback helped us to make the new Wash Tech website and we’re really interested to hear what you have to say about the site. Just head on over to the contact page to send us a message.


Many Thanks

The Wash Tech Team