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Common Miele Washing Machine Faults

Here are the most common Mile washing machine faults.

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Text Display Messages
Indicators (LED’s)
Washing Machine Fails to Start
Washing Results
Spinning Results

Text Display Messages

Display Message ‘Anti-crease – Check detergent.’

Reason: Excessive foam builds up during the wash.


Transport/Transit bars warning even though they have been removed.

Reason: The electronic controls may have been reset. This could be caused by a power but or leaving the machine unplugged.


‘Drain fault’ and an exclamation mark.

Reason 1: The fitting height of the drain hose is incorrect.

Reason 2: The filters and/or drainpipe are blocked.


‘Technical fault’ and an exclamation mark

Reason: Technical fault, required inspection.


‘Water inlet fault’ and an exclamation mark

Explanation: There is a blockage or a restriction on the water inlet.

Reason 1: Stopcock closed or not fully open.

Reason 2: A kink in the inlet hose.

Reason 3: A clog in the water inlet filter.

Reason 4: Insufficient water pressure.


‘WaterProof fault’ and an exclamation mark (flashing).

Reason: Activation of WaterProof system.


Stripes in display

Reason: Display contrast not adjust correctly.


Blank display

Reason: This could be caused by the machine display going into standby mode to conserve energy.


Foreign language

Reason: The display language has not been set correctly.


When the drum is empty, the display shows < 25% load.

Reason: This is normal.


Time on the display stands still or changes.

Reason: The duration of the cycle is calculated based on several factors, including weight. These are subject to change during the cycle.

Extra wash time may be added if the machine deems that too much detergent has been used.


‘Call Service’ is displayed along with an audible warning.

Reason 1: The lamp in the drum is not fitted correctly.

Reason 2: Technical defect, inspection required.


When first being used ‘Water inlet fault’ is displayed and the cycle does not start.

Reason: For safety reasons, the spin will not begin until sufficient water has been taken in by the machine.


The display is completely blank.

Reason: No power.


The display has streaks or white dots

Reason: Static build up inside the display.


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Indicators (LED’s)

‘Soak/Pre-wash’, ‘Rinse Hold’, ‘Main wash’, ‘Rinse’ indicator (Flashing)

Reason: Required inspection.


‘Inlet/Drain’ indicator (flashing or solid)

Reason 1: Stopcock closed or not fully open

Reason 2: Clog in water inlet filet.

Reason 3: Kink in the inlet hose.

Reason 4: Insufficient water pressure.

Reason 5: Wrong hose height.

Reason 6: Drain pump blockage.

Reason 7: Water protection system.


Excess detergent or start indicator flashing.

Reason 1: Wrong setting for detergent selected.

Reason 2: The inner-lid lock has no engaged.


‘Drain’ indicator flashing

Reason 1: Wrong drain hose height.

Reason 2: The drain filter and/or pump is blocked.

‘Inlet’ indicator light flashing

Explanation: Inlet Restriction.

Reason 1: Stopcock issues.

Reason 2: Pipe is trapped or bent.

Reason 3: Inlet filter blockage.

Reason 4: Water pressure issue.


‘Start’ LED does not lit up

Reason: The door has not engaged correctly.


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Washing Machine Fails to Start

Reason 1: Problem with the socket or machine not plugged in.

Reason 2: Door not closed properly.

Reason 3: The on/off switch is set to ‘off’.

Reason 4: Bulb cover is loose.


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Washing Results

Brown stains

Reason: Things like juice and sap can create brown stains when washed with insufficient detergent.


Greasy grey particles on washed laundry.

Reason: Insufficient detergent or the laundry was particularly oily.


Laundry not effectively cleaned with liquid detergents

Reason: Liquid detergents are often less effective on some stains as they generally do not contain bleaching agents.

White residue on laundry after washing.

Reason: Certain detergents contains water softening agents which are not water soluble. These can sometimes be visible on dark laundry and may resemble washing powder.


Grey deposits in the drum

Only on a machine with ‘PowerWash 2.0!’

Reason: This is more common in hard water areas where insufficient detergent has been used.


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Spinning Results

The machine is not spinning at the end of the cycle, and the laundry is still wet.

Reason 1: Low spin speed, ‘rinse hold’ or ‘without spin’ may have been selected.

Reason 2: An automated spin cap was initiated following an imbalance.


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Strange noises are coming from the pump.

Reason: Requires inspection. Noises at the start and finish of the cycle may be completely normal.


The washing machine makes a grinding noise when the drum rotates

Reason: Required Inspection


Rattling sound when spinning

Reason 1: The washing machine is not level

Reason 2: The washing machine is placed on an infirm surface, such as a carpet or wooden floor.


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The washing machine has an unpleasant odour or the clothes smell.

Reason 1: The drum is soiled.

Reason 2: Insufficient detergent.

Reason 3: Fault with the dosage dispenser.

Reason 4: Incorrect dosage setting.


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Detergent dispenser is loose or hits the lid when closing.

Reason: Requires Inspection


Water leak from bottom left corner flap.

Reason 1: Drain filter clogged.

Reason 2: Drain filter not attached correctly.


Water remains in capsule

Reason 1: A blockage in the drain pipe that is connected to the detergent dispenser.

Reason 2: A small amount of water will remain in the capsule for technical reasons.


Fabric conditioner is not completely dispended and/or too much water remains in the compartment.

Reason 1: Soiled detergent dispenser.

Reason 2: Blockage or positioning issue with syphon filter.


Excessive detergent residue in the detergent dispenser.

Reason 1: Insufficient water pressure.

Reason 2: Use of a detergent that dissolved poorly.


No hot water if the machine has a hot and cold inlet.

Reason: If a machine has a hot water inlet it must be used as simply connecting the cold water inlet will be insufficient. If the hot water hose is connected or if the machine only has a single outlet and it is still not producing hot water, an inspection is required.


Liquid detergent is not being dispensed.

For Miele washing machines with LiquidWash!

Reason 1: There is not detergent in the container or hose.

Reason 2: The hose is trapped or is kinked.

Reason 3: ‘Automated Dispensing’ has not been selected.


The drum door won’t open.

Reason 1: There is no power going to the machine.

Reason 2: Water remains in the drum.


After spinning there is laundry pressed against the drum.

Reason: This is normal and is caused by the high speeds at which the drum spins.


The machine wobbles during a spin cycle.

Reason 1: The counter-nuts on the machine feet may not be tightened. All four feet may not be firmly adjusted on the ground.

Reason 2: The machine is placed on an infirm surface such as carpet or wood.


Water leaks from the door

Reason 1: Sealing failure or obstruction on the door glass.

Reason 2: The door seal could be damaged. This is most commonly caused by hard/sharp items in the laundry. They can also perish with age.


There is water coming from underneath the machine or the drain hose.

Reason 1: Insecure drain hose.
Reason 2: Drain is blocked.

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