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Repair Brands

Wash Tech repair most brands of domestic and commercial appliance. See the brands below which list the specific machines we support.

AEG Repairs
Brand Name AEG
Founded 1883
Information The ARG acronym translates to General Electricity Company. The German electrical manufacturer was formed in 1883, however, became defunct in 1996, the brand name AEG is now used by Electrolux on a number of their products. Electrolux produces many of the same products that were manufactured by AEG when they were operational.
Repairs Wash Tech Repairs cover AEG washing machines, freestanding cookers, built-in ovens and range cookers.
Ariston Repairs
Brand Name Ariston
Founded 1930
Information Ariston works in partnership with heating and plumbing merchants throughout the UK to provide high quality and energy efficient products to their customers. Ariston manufactures a large variety of domestic heating supplies including Band A Condensing Natural Gas Combi Boilers, Unvented Cylinders, Water Heaters and Solar Thermal Water Heating solutions. Ariston is the world’s leading Water Heater brand.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Ariston built-in ovens and freestanding cookers.
Brand Name Beko
Founded 1967
Information Beko was originally owned by Arcelik, a Turkish consumer electronics manufacturer. Beko is a budget brand name electrical products sold worldwide, predominantly in Turkey, Germany and Italy. Beko is responsible for being the official sponsor for many premier basketball and football teams in several countries.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Beko built-in ovens and freestanding cookers.
Belling Repairs
Brand Name Belling
Founded 1912
Information Established over a century ago, Belling is a British manufacturer of cooking appliances, where the majority of their products are manufactured in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Belling has 120 call centres based in the United Kingdom and employs 180 skilled engineers as part of their customer care services.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Belling built-in ovens, range cookers and freestanding cookers.
Bosch Repairs
Brand Name Bosch
Founded 1886
Information The Bosch Group is a global supplier of technology. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology represented in roughly 150 countries, has a large presence in the United Kingdom and continues to grow across the globe.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Bosch washing machines, tumble dryers, washer/dryers, dishwashers, cookers hoods, freestanding cookers, built-in ovens, range cookers and hobs.
Britannia Repairs
Brand Name Britannia
Founded 1995
Information Britannia is a UK based range cooker manufacturer that prides itself on quality and attention to detail. Britannia range cookers are available as gas, electric or dual fuel. Britannia was bought by the Lincat group in 2002. Britannia offers a colour matching service that allows customers to choose a precise colour for their new range cooker.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Britannia range cookers.
Candy Repairs
Brand Name Candy
Founded 1945
Information Responsible for the first all-Italian washing machine and the first semi-automatic washing machine, Candy plays a leading role in the international technological appliances field. Despite the challenging market, Candy continues to grow economically and production volumes are still on the rise.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Candy built-in ovens and freestanding cookers.
Cannon Repairs
Brand Name Cannon
Founded 1895
Information Cannon is a company based in the United Kingdom responsible for producing and repairing large domestic appliances such as washing machines, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, cookers(electric and gas) and tumble dryers. Their other brands include Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda and Ariston.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Cannon built in ovens and freestanding cookers.
CDA Repairs
Brand Name CDA
Founded 1991
Information A nationwide service and responsible for manufacturing a whole range of kitchen appliances, CDA also employs expert engineers and delivery drivers across Europe promising deliveries within 24 hours. CDA also promise a five-year guarantee on all their appliances, and full parts and labour covered for two years.
Repairs Wash Tech repair CDA built in ovens, range cookers and freestanding cookers.


Brand Name Danube
Founded 1947
Information Danube is one of the industry leaders in heavy duty laundry appliances. The company which started in France now exports to more than 60 countries.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Danube washing machines tumble dryers and most industrial laundry equipment.
De Dietrich Repairs
Brand Name De Dietrich
Founded 1684
Information De Dietrich is owned by FagorBrandt Group, the fifth largest household appliances group in Europe.

Initially, the business centered in the ironworking trade, however, more recently, De Dietrich now specializes in small and large appliances. It currently ranks first in France with prominent domestic appliance brands such as ‘Thomson’.

Repairs Wash Tech repair De Dietrich range cookers, built in ovens and freestanding cookers.
Delonghi Repairs
Brand Name Delonghi
Founded 1902
Information An award winning company, and with 7,000 employees worldwide, Delonghi is known for the design of its various appliances, particularly it’s small domestic appliances used for food preparation and cookery. Delonghi’s products are imported from China, however, Delonghi’s design is carried out mainly in Italy.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Delonghi built in ovens, range cookers and freestanding cookers.
Electrolux Repairs
Brand Name Electrolux
Founded 1919
Information Originating from the merge of two companies, Electrolux is the world’s second largest appliance maker, Electrolux sells a variety of products, primarily large home and professional appliances and vacuum cleaners. Electrolux now licenses its floor products to John Lewis and to other United Kingdom based catalogues.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Electrolux dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, freestanding cookers, built in ovens and range cookers.
Fagor Repairs
Brand Name Fagor
Founded 1956
Information Founded over 50 years ago, Fagor was developed by five student entrepreneurs. Known to be Europe’s fifth largest manufacturer, Fagor has had a brand presence in electrical appliances and household equipment for more than twenty years. Their eco-friendly aim is to reduce the water and electricity consumptions of their products and use more recyclable materials.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Fagor built in ovens and freestanding cookers.
Falcon Repairs
Brand Name Falcon
Founded Circa 1940
Information Falcon is part of the AGA Rangemaster Group. It is claimed that Falcon is the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturer of professional catering equipment. Their sleek and stylish products have been developed using the most up to date and modern technology and machinery.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Falcon built in ovens and freestanding cookers.
Hoover Repairs
Brand Name Hoover
Founded 1907
Information With over 100 years of expertise, and probably the most globally recognised, Hoover created the first upright vacuum cleaner. Since its initial success, Hoover still stands as a reputable manufacturer of floor care and kitchen appliances, and employs over 1350 people in the United Kingdom alone.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Hoover built in ovens and freestanding cookers.
Hotpoint Repairs
Brand Name Hotpoint
Founded 1911
Information The Hotpoint Electric Heating Company, otherwise known as Hotpoint, is a British brand of domestic appliances. Hotpoint is known for developing one of the world’s first electric toasters, known as the El Tosto. They primarily manufacture kitchen appliances, ensuring they follow an eco friendly approach to innovation.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Hotpoint built in ovens and freestanding cookers.
Huebsch Repairs
Brand Name Huebsch
Founded 1907
Information Huebsch has a long standing reputation for providing cost effective industrial laundry equipment. Designed around durability, Huebsch landry appliances are built from rugged materials and tested vigorously.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Huebsch washing machines tumble dryers and most industrial laundry equipment.
Indesit Repairs
Brand Name Indesit
Founded 1975
Information Indesit is an Italian based home appliance conglomerate that also owns Hotpoint-Ariston along with several other brands. The company employees over 16 thousand people and posted a profit of 2.9 billion Euros in 2012. They manufacturer a range of home appliances relating to laundry, cleaning, cooling and cooking.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Indesit built in ovens and freestanding cookers.
IPSO Repairs
Brand Name IPSO
Founded 1973
Information IPSO has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing industrial laundry machines. Based in Belgium IPSO manufacture washers, dryers and ironers with the tagline ‘Industrial by Design’. IPSO is part of Alliance Laundry systems which also owns Speed Queen.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Ipso washing machines tumble dryers and most industrial laundry equipment.
JLA Repairs
Brand Name JLA
Founded 1973
Information JLA has roughly 30% of the market share of commercial laundry equipment distribution in the UK. Laundry machines are both sold and rented by JLA. The company invented the S.A.F.E (Sensor activated fire extinguishing) that reduces the risk of dryer fires by providing an extra failsafe.
Repairs Wash Tech repair JLA washing machines tumble dryers and most industrial laundry equipment.
Leisure Repairs
Brand Name Leisure
Founded 1883
Information Leisure is a UK based manufacturer of range cookers that was acquired by Beko in 2002. The Leisure Cookmaster and Cuisinemaster models are approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute. The company makes gas, electric and dual fuel range cookers and cooker hoods.
Repairs Wash Tech repairs Leisure range cookers.
LG Repairs
Brand Name LG
Founded 1958
Information LG Electronics is a South Korean based electronics manufacturer with who produce a number of consumer electronics products as well as home appliances. LG focuses on sleek design and innovative features. Many of their washing machines and dishwashers use patented technologies such as ‘Direct Drive’ and ‘True Stream’ to make the washing process quicker and more efficient.
Repairs Wash Tech repair LG washing machines, tumble dryers, washer/dryers and dishwashers.
Mercury Repairs
Brand Name Mercury
Founded Circa 2000
Information Mercury is a Lemington Spa based range cooker manufacturer that is part of the AGA Rangemaster group. The company’s tagline is ‘designed for perfection’ and in their own words have an ‘almost obsessive attention to details’. Mercury manufacturer a small range of range cookers with a contemporary design including the Mercury 1000, 1082 and the 1200.
Repairs Wash Tech repair electrical faults with Mercury range cookers.
Neff Repairs
Brand Name Neff
Founded 1877
Information Neff is a German home appliance manufacturer that has been owned by the BSH group since 1982. Neff has been responsible for a number of innovations including the first microwave and the first induction hob, both in 1957. Neff also made the first fan oven in 1971. The BSH group also owns Bosch and Siemens.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Neff washing machines, tumble dryers, washer / dryers, dishwashers, cookers hoods, freestanding cookers, built in ovens, range cookers and hobs.
New World Repairs
Brand Name New World
Founded 1890
Information New World manufacture range cookers and other cooking appliances. In the 1930’s New World gave away a recipe book with their cookers. The book was the first recorded example that the modern term ‘gas mark’ was used. In 2001 the company was acquired by Glen Dimplex who own several other home appliance brands.
Repairs Wash Tech repair electrical faults on New World ovens, range cookers, cookers and built in ovens.
Rangemaster Repairs
Brand Name Rangemaster
Founded 1830
Information Rangemaster is a manufacturer of iconic stoves owned by the Aga Rangemaster Group Plc. The first range cooker was built by hand in 1830 in Lemington Spa. A household name, Rangemaster cookers come in a variety of different colours and configurations including multiple oven and fuel options including dual fuel and induction.
Repairs Wash Tech repair electrical faults on Rangemaster range cookers.
Samsung Repairs
Brand Name Samsung
Founded 1969
Information Samsung is a South Korean based electronics manufacturer and is currently the world’s largest tech company. There revolutionary WW9000 washing machine has a colour touch screen and the machine can be controlled using an app on a smartphone that allows users to check on the progress of a cycle plus start and pause cycles.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Samsung washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers.
Schulthess Repairs
Brand Name Schulthess
Founded 1845
Information Schulthess are a Swiss based manufacturer of industrial laundry appliances. Schulthess producded its first washing machine in 1904 and in 1978 they released a washing machine with a microprocessor control. Today Schulthess continue to produce washers and dryers with an onus on environmental protection and energy efficiency.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Schulthess washing machines tumble dryers and most industrial laundry equipment.
Siemens Repairs
Brand Name Siemens
Founded 1847
Information Siemens is a massive electronics conglomerate with interests in numerous sectors including home appliances. They produce products for laundry, cooking, dish washing and cooling. Siemens are responsible for several innovative and energy saving features which use communicative sensors to efficiently wash clothes with the minimal amount of detergent and water.
Repairs Wash Tech Repair Siemens washing machines, tumble dryers, washer / dryers, dishwashers, cooker hoods, freestanding electric cookers, built in ovens, range cookers and hobs.


Smeg Repairs
Brand Name Smeg
Founded 1948
Information The Italian based home appliances manufacturer are well known for producing high end consumer appliances that have a retro 1950’s style shape and colour. Smeg is still an independently owned company and remains the property of the Bertazzoni family. The unique appliances have garnered many design awards including the 2013 Good Design award.
Repairs Wash Tech Repair Smeg electric freestanding cookers, built in ovens and range cookers.
Speed Queen Repairs
Brand Name Speed Queen
Founded 1908
Information Speed Queen is an American based company that produces commercial laundry appliances. Speed Queen were the first company to introduce nickel-copper tubs into washing machines (1922). Today Speed Queen is a subsidiary of Alliance Laundry systems along with IPSO,
Repairs Wash Tech repair Speed Queen washing machines tumble dryers and most industrial laundry equipment.
Stoves Repairs
Brand Name Stoves
Founded 1920
Information Stoves is a popular home appliance manufacturer. Stoves is the only major manufacturer that still produces its range cookers in the UK. Each range cooker is hand assembled by a small team. The figurehead for the Stoves brand is TV chef Brian Turner of ‘Ready Steady Cook’ fame. The company is part of the Glen Dimplex group.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Stoves freestanding electric cookers, built in ovens and range cookers
whirlpool repairs
Brand Name Whirlpool
Founded 1911
Information The American based home appliances manufacturer boasts nearly 70,000 employees worldwide. The company bought Maytag in 2006 making it the largest home appliance manufacturer in the world. Although known mainly for electronics, the company invented freeze-dried ice cream whilst working for NASA on the Apollo missions. All Ikea appliances are manufactured by Whirlpool.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Whirlpool washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, freestanding electric cookers, built in ovens and range cookers.
Zanussi Repairs
Brand Name Zanussi
Founded 1946
Information The electronic appliances manufacturer originated in Italy and pioneered many of the features now used on modern fridges and washing machines other appliances including the first completely hidden dishwasher. In 1984 Zanussi was bought by the Swedish company Electrolux. The company continues to manufacture a number of home appliances and has won several “Good Design” awards at the Chicago Athenaeum.
Repairs Wash Tech repair Zanussi washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, freestanding electric cookers and built in ovens.